We may not be related, but we can relate.

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mycroftholmesbrolly replied to your post “$195 to take the GRE is this a fucking joke ”

Fuck it’s up then, last I looked it was $185…and I have to take it still!

IT’S RIDICULOUS. I just signed up to take it at the end of August and I am disgusted by the price. So now not only do we have the pressure of achieving a good score so we can get into grad school, but also so we don’t have to take it again and blow another $195. *punches wall*



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Wed, Jul 30 @ 3:57 PM
no ncis tz

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$195 to take the GRE is this a fucking joke 

idea by easylion [quote]

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Wed, Jul 30 @ 6:46 AM
DON'T ncis tz



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baby husky and its tennis ball

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Wed, Jul 30 @ 6:43 AM
Not Alone
Patty Griffin -



Not Alone

Patty Griffin

Song played in final scene of NCIS

this song will never not rip my heart out 

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