We may not be related, but we can relate.

crimesolvingshipper replied to your post: with that posts about children you wont or probably arent a very good mother

this dumbass didnt even go on anon WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO TALK TO CATHERINE LIKE THAT?!?!?! You are a terrible person for saying that. You have no reason whatsoever for saying something rude like that >:( #defendingcatherineshonor

OMG I love you Alyssa haha I literally had no idea what they were even trying to say. I dont think I made any posts about children, so….

  1. nostabbingwednesdays said: Yeah, I didn’t see you make a post about one, but that doesn’t mean they should say it regardless, about anyone :P Anon hate makes me angry, especially when it’s towards my friends. Or you :D haha
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